So last summer, almost exactly one year to the day (6/15/08), I was woke up at 4am by my neighbor Girard knocking on our door and calling our cellphones. I woke up just as he was about to go back upstairs and fall asleep. I opened the door and he told me my car was just involved in an accident. I said "bullsh*t, I've been home since midnight-ish. So he opened the front door and this is what I saw.
For those of you who don't know, I live on western ave, a very busy street.
So apparently this asshole was driving drunk and tried to weave between 2 cars, clipped both cars, one went spinning in one direction, and the other right into my #ucking Jeep (which you can see in the image). The drunk loses his front bumper along with his license plate, and decides to himself that he should probably just keep going.
The cops took down his licence plate and actually ended up finding the idiot about 2 miles north on western ave STILL! I guess he hit a few more cars on the way.
The most humor that I took out of this was trying to communicate with the poor little crossdresser named Eduardo, who was unfortunately the owner of the white car which spun out and hit my car. Poor Eduardo didn't have insurance.
So, I had to fork over a $500 deductible to repair the car, which was involved in an accident and I wasn't even driving!
The total damages on the car , which was less than a year old, were over half the actual worth of the car, but just shy of being totaled, in which I would have received a brand new one. So good luck to me trying to sell that bad boy in the future.
The mechanic I brought it to actually hooked me up by getting me new solid steel bumpers and a soft top. Thanks Eddie!... the mechanic, not the crossdresser.
Needless to say, I do not park on Western Ave anymore.


  1. Thats Eduardo in the picture above. Sorry it's a little too dark and you can't really see him...her. I wish I new was "her" name was. Then again, no I don't.

  2. was "woken" up ... not, "was woke up".
    Someone call his editor.