How to Photograph sound

To whom it may concern:Through many hours of research and seconds spent racking my brain and testing hypotheses, I had finally come to a conclusion.
I discovered that I was actually able to photograph... well, sound.
I know, I know, you say it can't be done. But, through my research I have discovered that indeed it can be done.
And, Im going to tell you how...

Step 1- Get film camera and film.
Step 2- Load film into camera.
Step 3- Point camera at sound.
Step 4- Pull camera away from sound and check to make sure lens cap is in place.
Step 5- Point camera back at sound (dont bother looking through the viewfinder, you can't see sound) and click shutter.
Step 6- This one is tricky!!! Get film developed (negatives only of course).
Step 7- Put film on scanner and scan.

And Sha-BAM!!! You got a picture of sound! Congratulations!!!

This is what sound should look like. If it doesn't look like this repeat steps 3-7.

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An ongoing project

I have been working on a project tentatively titled 'Neighborhoods'. These are actually some of the first images I made at night for this project.
I have been searching for grants to help me to fund a gallery showing. I came across the Aaron Siskind grant which is due towards the end of April and I think I want to submit this project.
Its going to take a lot of work... and I've always been too lazy to actually put the effort in. But, now is the time...
Anyway, I think this is the direction I want to head with it.

Not sure these will be included in the series, but I did capture at our local park the other night when we had that really dense fog.
Sam and I went there we had a good time.

On another note, I want to create an etsy store to begin selling prints. I would appreciate any pointers anyone may have.

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Little bit o' texture. Little bit o' fun.
I just thought these images worked together really well. Let me know what you think.

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