I love my Jeep.
Jeep in HDR

I found this spot right by my work. It's right next to this housing development site that seems to be halted. It's right off of 171st and Kedzie.
I was driving around during lunch and happened across this driveway entrance that looked like it lead into the woods. Being as inquisitive as I am I drove right in there and it opened up into this clearing. There were all sorts of Illinois wildflowers blooming everywhere and it was really kind of beautiful.
It was really muddy and there was a big storm lurking in the distance. I cruised around the path to get the jeep a little dirty. (Jeeps are really the only vehicle that I think looks better dirty).
When I pulled back out of the the little driveway I left some huge mud tracks along 171st street. I thought it was pretty amusing especially when a car pulled up behind me as there was all this mud and rocks flying off my car.