BAC Street Journal Submissions

I just finished submitting my selection of black and white images for the Beverly Art Center Street Journal.
It's pretty exciting to be able to reconnect with the Beverly Art Center since it was there that I took my first b/w darkroom printing class in 1994. It was a night class and I remember feeling pretty awkward because everyone else in the class was probably 25+ years older than me.
I shot with my mothers Olympus automatic camera (the kind with that real beautiful shutter sound that film cameras make) which she just found and gave back to me.

This image was the sixth that didn't get submitted because I originally thought it was 6 images max and found out that it was only 5.


On this day last year... 2/20/09


Graces birthday party last year. Selected favorites.

Waiting patiently for cake...

Ah, Jack loves his beer bottles. If you're not careful he'll steal it right out from under you.

Our dog sam in a winter stocking hat.


On this day last year... 2/11/09

I messed up again. These should have been put up yesterday. Wah wah.

This is a farmhouse that I pass everyday. Sometimes it looks like there are people working on it, then it has a bunch of busted windows. Windows get fixed, then get busted again. After many years of seeing these changes to the house and noticing that the windows were broke, I figured that I could slip in and out unnoticed.

I was too scared to go into the basement. It was pitch black down there.


On this day last year... 2/07/09

I forgot to bring my hard drive home last night so I could'nt post.

This was a commissioned project for St. Patrick High School. It's located on Chicago's north side at Belmont/Austin.

As you can see there wasn't a foot of snow on the ground.

I had this image printed to about 18"x22". It was auctioned off at the Alumni Fundraiser Event. I don't know how much it brought in, but it did look pretty sweet.

I was told this is the hallway where freshman take their beatings.