Well, since I dont have another (on this day last year...) post till the 7th of Feb. I thought I would post some stuff that I have been working. I have been going through the few portrait sessions that I shot last year, trying to organize a portrait portfolio for my website, ELEVEN9STUDIO. I really really like these images, but unfortunately they didn't make the cut for the website.
So, please, let me know what you think and let me know if you are in need of some portraits or headshots as I'm going to be offering super discounts to build my portfolio.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!!!

The lovely Ms. Lauren Frost...

The brilliant Mr. Ashton Likes


On this day last year... 1/22/09

I had to return to UofC to shoot the Harper Library classrooms. I think when I was there before they were having a class and I couldn't get in.

This University is so unique and full of history.


On this day last year... 1/20/09

I was downtown Chicago gathering some more pics for a brochure we were putting together for work. Which is what those UofC pics were for also.
We wanted to show images of all the amazing electrical work we do.

These were taken at 222 N Lasalle where we used to do a lot of work. This is the lobby as soon as you get past the security gaurds. I couldn't possibly imagine having to change those bulbs, which is probably why there was about 5 of them blown out.

Some detail shots of the ceiling.
After that I walked over to the Daley Center and noticed they had, on the jumbotron, the Inauguration Parade.

The Oriental Theater
Daley Plaza
And some random pics going up and down the elevator for like 15min.

Lake St East

N. Dearborn and the Chicago River
Lake St West

Lake St South East


On this day last year... 1/19/09

I had to drive to the University of Chicago to take some pictures of the work we did in some of the classrooms.

Bohn Chapel

A flock of birds



On this day last year... 1/18/09

See this image larger here

I passed by this old abandoned factory a few times. It is right on Halsted at South 130th St.
I didn't really feel comfortable going in the factory by myself so I cruised around back and found
these other little buildings which seemed to be part of the factory but, about a hundred yards away.

It seems like it used to be a a tire factory.....perhaps.
This was another building that seemed to be attached, but it looked like it hadn't been used in a very long time. I came across a calander on the ground that was from 1957. Then I noticed there was a stack of order forms hanging on the wall. The date read 5-1-1963.
Suburban Materials Co-op., Inc. Producer of Ready Mix Sand, Stone, Gravel, and Cement.