On this day last year... 1/13/09

I drove past this old house in Glenwood, IL.

While driving around for a bit trying to find out where I should park, I found this church with a big empty lot. To one side was farmland and the other was the woods.

I had to trek through the woods and cross this slippery tree bridge over a river.

The first thing I came across was the barn, which was home to a family of racoons. They must have enjoyed the warmth from the thousands of cow pelts on the inside. I had no idea what it was at first, until I examined closer. They looked like fashionable jackets thrown all over the inside of a barn.
There was a slaughter house located just to the north. I was nervous because I could hear them working, but it looked as if this place had not been used in years.
I would have taken a picture inside there, but I was anxious to walk through and on top of the pelts. Not to mention the racoon family living somewhere in there.....

I kept a lookout for fresh or semi-fresh footprints of which I saw none. That made me feel comfortable enough to keep on exploring.
I circled around the house just to make sure nobody was living here.

I walked up to the front door and peeked in...

The light was just right when I entered. Although I wish some of the windows weren't boarded up.

I started heading upstairs when I heard some rumbling around. Assuming the worst, (e.g. squatters, or vicious baby racoons) I got the hell out of there and and made my way back through the woods and over the tree bridge and back to my car.

Good times...

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