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I recently had 2 photographs accepted as honorable mentions to RoHo Photo Gallery contest. The images will be available for purchase on the their site...


or more preferably through me directly.

My images will also be published in the the book "body of work".

I've always had an incredibly hard time evaluating and critiquing my own work and feel like this was a major step forward for me.

This was taken on the last night of Christine and my honeymoon on Kauai's Coconut Coast.

This was actually taken on our first anniversary trip to the Traverse City, Michigan area at Sleeping Bear Dunes N.P.


The place I breifly called home

I have begun to dig around in my old slides and negs looking for images I have'nt seen in years. I promised myself that every sunday will be the day for scanning old work.

When I was 18, almost 19, I ran away to Oregon to live with some very close friends. Ashland is a small town in the Southwestern part of the state, just east of Medford, south of Crater Lake, north of Mt. Shasta, and home of Southern Oregon University.
My Friends, Mike Peskac, Morgan Gavin, Eric Ten Broeck, and Brett Bielinski, had moved out there a few months earlier. It made me so jealous that I couldn't go with them on this great adventure, that after a few months and a series of unfortunate events (not to be described here) I hopped on an Amtrak train and was on my way.

[pictures taken from the train of somewhere in montana and the columbia river]

Now I'm not sure if I should make this chronological or not. Which I probably should otherwise it may be confusing, if in fact anyone in the world is actually reading this. I suppose it could'nt hurt to make this a recollection of my/our past. And hopefully get some stories out of these guys.
There were some good, shady, sad, lazy, burnt-out, stupid, hilarious, and idiotic things that happened out there.

The Rougue Valley looking NW towards Ashland
see it bigger here

Mt. Ashland



Not entirely sure how I feel about these images. It was an experiment with layers and textures.



This is a pic I took of otto in college.
I just started looking through my old 4x5 negatives.
I scanned it in as a positive and inverted it, boosted the contrast and turned up with this.
I tried the same thing on another and could not achieve this same result, which is kind of annoying.


mike g portraits

Shot my brother about a month ago. He rocovered, it was a small wound.

The Time Traveller:

See some more on my flickr page

See Mike's website


A sense of place 2

Lunchtime adventures... take 2.

I shot some portraits with my brother mike last week. I am currently processing and editing and I hope to be post some of later in the week.


a sense of place 1

I have an idea for this project. I want to begin thinking about and exploring the idea of "Sense of place".

Through a feeling or a memory we feel like someplace is familiar or we are comfortable there.
We may know that place and perhaps begin to take it for granted.

It needs some more thought..., but this is an image where I feel it may be an easy starting point.

I found this place while exploring the areas around my place of employment in the spring. I remember how I felt like this area was overly industrialized and uninteresting. It is full of fast food, strip malls, and Walmart. Throughout years of working in Hazel Crest, I have discovered places that were waiting for me to find them. I began exploring the areas around me where I discovered a sanctuary right beneath my nose.



I love my Jeep.
Jeep in HDR

I found this spot right by my work. It's right next to this housing development site that seems to be halted. It's right off of 171st and Kedzie.
I was driving around during lunch and happened across this driveway entrance that looked like it lead into the woods. Being as inquisitive as I am I drove right in there and it opened up into this clearing. There were all sorts of Illinois wildflowers blooming everywhere and it was really kind of beautiful.
It was really muddy and there was a big storm lurking in the distance. I cruised around the path to get the jeep a little dirty. (Jeeps are really the only vehicle that I think looks better dirty).
When I pulled back out of the the little driveway I left some huge mud tracks along 171st street. I thought it was pretty amusing especially when a car pulled up behind me as there was all this mud and rocks flying off my car.


Abandoned house somewhere in southeastern illinois.


byebye Helen

Byebye Helen
moving to London for some time
she has this feeling deep in her spine
that she needs to go, go away
where she will get together with ben
and figure out where he's gone
where he's been
She'll come back to us
almost as soon as she's gone
back almost as quick as you can mow a lawn
She does have friends here that certainly will miss her
but she must go to London to find her better kisser.


Tucson, Az

My brother and I went to Tucson, Az around April 2007, to visit my friend from college. We rented a sweet mustang and drove all around tucson. This happened to be in and around Catalina State Park, just north of Tucson. I wish you could see his arms more, instead he looks like Kristin Wiig's SNL character on the Lawrence Welk show, with the small baby hands.
We also made our way to Tombstone, Az. which is pretty touristy, but well worth the visit.


We stopped in this shop to try to find a horseshoe so I could bring it back for my wife. The woman working behind the counter was wearing the old fashioned lingerie that you see in the movies at all the whorehouses. I asked if I could take a picture, she accepted the offer and began asking us questions. "How long are you two staying?" Why don't just go ask the horse carriage operator if you can have a horseshoe?" Why don't you two stick around here and wait for me to get off work, so we can have a few drinks and party a little bit? We declined to stick around, but I did go ask that horse guy for a horseshoe.

Which lead us to finding the Tombstone cemetary. It's kind of off the beaten path of tourists. It is supposedly where a lot of famous people are buried. Of course it didn't really provide anything all that interesting besides this picture.

And these are for fun



Pool Players

Drive Home