a sense of place 1

I have an idea for this project. I want to begin thinking about and exploring the idea of "Sense of place".

Through a feeling or a memory we feel like someplace is familiar or we are comfortable there.
We may know that place and perhaps begin to take it for granted.

It needs some more thought..., but this is an image where I feel it may be an easy starting point.

I found this place while exploring the areas around my place of employment in the spring. I remember how I felt like this area was overly industrialized and uninteresting. It is full of fast food, strip malls, and Walmart. Throughout years of working in Hazel Crest, I have discovered places that were waiting for me to find them. I began exploring the areas around me where I discovered a sanctuary right beneath my nose.


  1. These are amazing Tom! I like the sense of place concept... especially since the place turned out to be so different that it appeared on the surface.

  2. It is about really looking...You have a wonderful eye. I am glad you can find peace, tranquility and beauty in the midst of your working day. A sense of place is in the heart and soul...Beautiful photographs.. Beautiful Soul....