On this day last year... 4/27/09

A day late. My new home desktop with windows 7 has been a real pain in my ass. I've been having browser issues as well as Flash issues. This is why people hate PCs, I think.
Anyway, these locations are not to far from where I work. It was a patchy day with storm clouds rolling in and out. It made for some pretty great light and drama.
The last 6 were all around the same location around 167th and Harlem. I parked at the bank parking lot on the corner and ran in. I was surprised to see mowed trails all throughout because you couldn't see them from the road.

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Its been a while... VMR Studio

Have'nt posted in a while. So, I wanted to get these pics up. My brother is trying to complete another album and I tagged along to get some pics.
I'm pretty excited about a few of them, I think I'm finding a post process nitche. They look cross processed without having to loose a lot of the detail which you typically do when cross processing film. We'll see. Im far too critical of my own work.  I miss my days of classroom critique.
For some reason it is incredibly difficult for me to shoot him. He's always far too aware of my presence with the camera. I need to come up with a different trick to make him feel comfortable and less focused on 'oh shit!, he's taking my picture let me try to look kool'.

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