The place I breifly called home

I have begun to dig around in my old slides and negs looking for images I have'nt seen in years. I promised myself that every sunday will be the day for scanning old work.

When I was 18, almost 19, I ran away to Oregon to live with some very close friends. Ashland is a small town in the Southwestern part of the state, just east of Medford, south of Crater Lake, north of Mt. Shasta, and home of Southern Oregon University.
My Friends, Mike Peskac, Morgan Gavin, Eric Ten Broeck, and Brett Bielinski, had moved out there a few months earlier. It made me so jealous that I couldn't go with them on this great adventure, that after a few months and a series of unfortunate events (not to be described here) I hopped on an Amtrak train and was on my way.

[pictures taken from the train of somewhere in montana and the columbia river]

Now I'm not sure if I should make this chronological or not. Which I probably should otherwise it may be confusing, if in fact anyone in the world is actually reading this. I suppose it could'nt hurt to make this a recollection of my/our past. And hopefully get some stories out of these guys.
There were some good, shady, sad, lazy, burnt-out, stupid, hilarious, and idiotic things that happened out there.

The Rougue Valley looking NW towards Ashland
see it bigger here

Mt. Ashland


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  1. I cant believe these pictures! They are beautiful Tom! I also cant believe how young we all were when you boys first came out this way! Makes me kind of sad...Your photography is breath taking to say the least!