1 and counting...

So, this is my first attempt at a blog post. I wonder if anybody will really actually enjoy watching and reading my nonsensical bullshit. If you do I am severely impressed and invite you to comment. I invented this little blog right out from thin air. It's main purpose is a way for me to show pictures that I take... I mean actually show them! I have for years just collected and archived and... wtf is the point if no one see's them until I am dead or I loose my hard drive.

I really am going to try my freakin' best to try to post a new pic every day. whether I think it sucks or not. I'll let you decide... if there is a you.

So here it is my first image...


  1. I guess I could make the image 'large' next time.

  2. btw, this image was taken in a big abandoned building right west of chicago here. The building is supposed to become a new dormitory for the fine students of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

  3. we lost man...we supa fukin lost.