On this day last year... 4/29/09

 Late once again.

Went to the Flight of the Conchords concert at, of all places 'the Arie Crown Theater' at McCormick Place. What a strange place for them to play. Whoever was doing their booking was way off. I think that may have effected their performance too. They seemed tired and drained.
I managed to snap a few pics before I was told I couldn't by security. To quote, "You can't take pictures here with that camera, it's too big"
Hmm... I think by big he meant "professional". Thats fine, let all these other f**kers shoot with their point 'n' shoots that have about the same MegaPixels as my Canon. Oh well, all in good fun.
I wonder what ever happened to Brit and Jemaine anyway...

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